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Sunday Funday

Leon, Granada, San Juan del sur in Nicaragua

sunny 35 °C

I spent the day after volcano boarding in Leon walking around, exploring the shops and the little cafes, enjoying the market, and chatting with my new friends at the hostel. Two other Kiwis who had gone volcano boarding with me; Fyfe and Erin and naturally we clicked in that true Kiwi way – where we effortlessly understand each other’s jokes, love a good party, and chase the adrenalin. They were also broke like me and weren’t sure of what to do next, but wanted to see a little more of Nicaragua. We decided to head to Granada, the 6th largest city in Nicaragua, but also rumoured to be one of the most beautiful cities in Latin America.
They were not wrong!
I usually hate cities, find them all to be far too similar; smog, traffic, too many people and many of whom are unfriendly, overpriced, and lacking in beauty. Granada was different; the architecture was just beautiful, the streets were wide and safe to walk down (felt so anyway), and the people we met were friendly and helpful.
We found ourselves wandering in and out of beautiful buildings, admiring churches, tasting all different types of street food, and swimming in the pool of our hostel. The night we arrived was ladies night – where all women drink rum for free. We couldn’t believe our luck; not cheap, not half price, but FREE RUM! So naturally, off we headed and with a great plan – Fyfe would buy one drink so he had the normal cup, and we would top him up with our “ladies” cups of free rum. Nothing like a bit of Kiwi ingenuity – next thing we were dancing and stumbling our way home after more than 30 glasses of free rum! BRILLIANT! Yet, I have no idea how the bar made even a cent because I couldn’t see anyone there drinking anything else!
The following day we made our way to the chicken bus station and caught a bunch of different buses south through Nicaragua. We saw the Capital (and very gross) city of Managua, and tried a whole lot of different juice and fruits from street vendors on our way south. We had decided to go to see the city of San Juan del sur where they have a pretty well-known backpacker town by the sea, right on the border of Costa Rica. Since Costa Rica was my destination, it all worked perfectly. I was sad I wouldn’t have a chance to see much of Lake Ometepe or have the chance to go over to the island in the middle that is made from two volcanos. We did get to drive right around it and it didn’t call to me in the same way that Lake Atitlan had. The rumours of the terrible pollution in Lake Ometepe put me off from visiting the island too, apparently many of the hostels were filled with drug addicts and parties of that type – something I have been desperately trying to avoid after too much time in a certain hostel that was that way inclined earlier in my travels.
Anyway, we finally arrived in San Juan del sur with two girls who we had met on the journey. We all checked into our hostel (The Surfing Donkey) and Erin and I went for a walk around town while Fyfe caught up on some stuff at the hostel. While Erin and I had our adventure we bumped into SO MANY PEOPLE that we knew from our time together in Nicaragua, and her and my earlier travels. I ran into people that I had met with Erie in Guatemala, and people from Colombia as well. Everyone was in San Juan del sur for Sunday Funday which is a weekly pool crawl – the biggest pool crawl in the world, where the party rotates around all of the different hostel pools. Erin, Fyfe, and I had decided it was just too expensive and we were not going to be able to go along to it. Erin and I continued our exploring and it was quite a cool place. Famous outside of Sunday Funday for it's nearby surf beaches its laid back vibe, we could see why it was so full of backpackers. We found a pretty beach with a huge Jesus statue looking down over the sea and town. The 3rd biggest statue of Jesus in the world!
When we got back to the hostel, Erin received a message from her old work in Florida, USA. A lady had come into the restaurant where Erin was waitressing and had asked that some money was passed on to Erin. Apparently the lady had felt a very strong desire since March (remember this was now the last weekend in June), that God was wanting the lady to give the money over to Erin. So naturally, when God gives you money when you are staying in the city with the world’s 3rd largest Jesus statue, and you are short of money to go to one of the world’s biggest pool party which is also the town’s main attraction – what do you do? You go with your friends to the party of course, God’s shout!
And all I can say is – wow! It was one of the best large scale parties I have ever been to. Forget full moon party in Thailand. Forget Jungle party. Forget party boats. Forget beach parties. Forget highscale clubs – partying with backpackers in hostel pools in the south of Nicaragua is the way to go.
Everyone was on such an amazingly happy vibe; I drank just 4 rums all day. I didn’t even need to drink as I was having just so much fun dancing, doing bombs, swimming, chatting to friends, and loving live.
And at one point, the rain began to pour and the thunder was crashing. I looked at Fyfe who yelled at me – oh shit Katy, we might get wet – in that typically sarcastic way of speaking that us Kiwis have. I looked at him and grinned as we both sprinted our way over to bomb into the pool. We looked out over the sea, and I’m pretty sure it’s not merely a coincidence that the only part of the sky with sunshine in it was right over the beautiful statue of Jesus.DSC02541.jpg
I am so glad I got to go, and so glad I went along with Taco boy Fyfe and Erin. They were the best brother and sister team and there were just so many laughs and good conversations as we made our way through the western side of Nicaragua together. I’m sad I wasn’t able to see so much more of Nicaragua that I would still like to see – but I hope to make another trip as soon as I can.

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