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May 2014

Residencia Temporal de México

Overnight trip to Wellington to get my visa

rain 10 °C

It all began when my amazing cousin Sarah surprised me with a visit from Australia. I had no idea she was coming, even though she had organised it for me to have the entire week off work! She had a friend in Wellington, and we realised this might be a great time for a sporadic adventure to get my Mexican Visa! It took us 2 days to organise all of the required paperwork (which I never could have done without her help using a PC over my Macbook at the scanning shop). I was a little nervous for my scheduled interview with the Mexican Ambassador.

Turns out I had nothing to be afraid of, and he even gave me my visa with hug and a pile of beautiful books he found in his office for me! He told me that my giant smile will get me anything I want in Mexico, and that he sends people there who speak very little Spanish so he thinks I will have the time of my life - oh, I certainly plan to Mr Ambassador...


I was so excited to have my shiny new visa, that Sarah and I headed straight to Cuba St for a drink - Tequila shots seemed appropriate, considering my new visa status : Residencia Temporal.


The celebrations continued all night, including dinner at a fantastic Taqueria. I must have told the entire of Wellington City that I was headed to Mexico - resulting in so many tequila shots, hugs with strangers, and people testing their basic Spanish skills with me.


It was such a great 36 hour whirlwind trip, and I feel as the ambassador told me:

"Estas lista para tu viaje a América Latina Señorita"

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